Oriental Dance Laboratory


What is BellyLab?

BellyLab is a brand new program directed by Amanda Rose that’s designed to create an opportunity for learning, exploration, creativity and growth within Oriental Dance. BellyLab implements exercises and activities that go beyond technique and choreography, while emphasizes each dancer’s personal development and learning. Each BellyLab project has a different inspiration and can take place in person, online or partially online and in person. These projects range from long distance training that culminate with group performances to weekly classes that highlight dancer development beyond technique. Each individual project is conducted differently depending on the focus, location and objective. To find out more, see the current upcoming projects!

Each project is seen as a learning and training opportunity where participants work closely with Amanda Rose in their own development and towards the project focus.


Photos are from previous choreographic works and workshops taught by Amanda Rose.

Why BellyLab?

Amanda Rose was inspired to create this program for many reasons, foremost of which is her love and enjoyment of working with dancers on their own development in dance, challenging them to grow while creating a supportive learning environment that fosters hard work and advancement. Secondly, the love of working in groups, which creates an environment with potentials much larger and grander than solo work alone. Amanda Rose has recently graduated with a Masters in Dance Movement Therapy which will shape the way BellyLab is conducted as a group, on an individual level for each participant, and in its focus and outcome. This program was also born out of the desire to connect with more dancers around the world, to have more direct contact and be able come together for in person collaborations, trainings and performances. Through her Amanda Rose Online classes, series, and coaching, Amanda Rose works with dancers throughout the world, aiding in their dance development, providing thoughtful and in-depth instruction, while cultivating a fun yet challenging atmosphere. BellyLab is an opportunity for dancers to work even more closely with Amanda Rose, for more information see future projects.

Foundation of BellyLab

Amanda Rose will pull from her experience as a dancer, athlete, dance company director, dance coach, dance company member, Dance Movement Therapist (DMT), experienced online dance instructor, and event producer to guide and inspire her approach to this program. For more information Amanda Rose’s background, please see her bio and tour schedule!


BellyLab Projects


BellyLab in Barcelona!

BellyLab - Weekly Classes
Barcelona, Spain

Amanda Rose por primera vez impartirá clases semanales en Barcelona con inicio el 9 de Septiembre 2019. Más información click aquí!

Amanda Rose is currently located in Barcelona and will begin weekly BellyLab classes starting September 9th, 2019. Click here for more information on BellyLab in Barcelona!


BellyLab Phoenix

BellyLab @ Phoenix Rising Dance Festival
Phoenix, AZ USA

This BellyLab project is a 2.5 month program that will culminate with a performance in the Phoenix Rising Dance Festival Gala Show! More info coming soon!

Would you like to host Amanda Rose & BellyLab?

Are you interested in hosting a BellyLab project? BellyLab projects are designed to be available in person or long distance, some with performance culminations. Contact Amanda Rose if you’re interested in hosting a BellyLab project and performance!