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Oct 25th - Nov 22nd

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Previous Amanda Rose Online series that have been offered since 2015!


An Online Series with Amanda Rose is designed and formatted based on the specific topic and varying based on the needs of the content. Instruction is given by Amanda Rose in the form of video clips with instruction and demonstration created specifically for the intensives, audio clips, written exercises, homework assignments, video clips for reference material, text and links. There are no live classes, but instead each participant will be given installments of information each week and will progress at their own pace with the material. Exercises and assignments are designed to push the dancer to think about their own dance in new ways and new possibilities, as well as think about the art they see and are taught through new eyes. Students need to have a reliable internet connection, and a computer or tablet to participate. There will be mandatory assignments involved in the intensives to follow a course learning that everyone will be required to participate in in order to be involved in the intensive. This will require that at times a student might be required to submit a document, song, or video of their own work, this can all be done in a variety of ways. 


In order to participate you will need the following things and then there are some suggested items.

- A computer or tablet to view the information.
- An internet connection to access the website for the lessons.
 Suggested ** - A Facebook account to participate in the Private Facebook Intensive Group. 
Suggested ** - Smart Phone or Video Camera. There maybe be times when you are asked to submit a document you write, or create, and if you can scan this you can always take a photo with your smart phone and send it that way. Additionally, both of these devices will allow you to take video of yourself which you can then submit to Amanda Rose. If you do not own one of these you might borrow one from a friend or have them video tape your for your assignments. 
- Submit a Registration Form and payment to confirm your spot! 


Because the Online Intensives are done in lessons in the students own time and not streaming, it's very important to have interaction and support from the fellow participants and instructor. Each student will have the ability to interact directly and regularly with Amanda Rose, helping that student reach the highest and best use of the materials, facilitating their progress and reaching their goals in a manner that is best suited for that student. Group involvement, decisions, questions and interactions are provide by accessing a private Facebook page or email. 
In addition, there are personal feedback options in specific series allowing the student to get direct and specific feedback based on their own dance. This heightened feature makes study and growth much more attainable and allows for students to have much more than just a one way class, but a personal approach to help them grow while not being in the same place at the same time. 


"As an instructor my goal is to expand the mind of each of my students, to challenge them with technique that will set them free and teach them skills to allow their own artistic dreams come to fruition. It is never my goal to create dancers that look or dance like me, but to help each student and artist accomplish their own goals by giving them tools that will make the path to their own artistic expression more tangible. I appreciate all styles within the Middle Eastern dance genre, as well as other dance forms, and my desire is to help people express themselves how they wish to be seen regardless of style. I am a firm believer in understanding the roots and origin of movement styles, especially those based in culture and society, and then building your own expression with artistic integrity based in knowledge and thoughtful approach."
- Amanda Rose 


Each Online Intensive will be prices based on its length and content, but generally varying from $70-$200. Some shorter series will cost less, while more intensive and personalized intensives will priced higher. Payment plans are made available when possible to accommodate students. See the page of each intensive for specific pricing information. 


There will be a form available in the left side menu for feedback about the Online Intensives, please use this at anytime to communicate your feedback in order to make these Intensives as positive an experience as possible. Your feedback and support is appreciated.