The Dancer


The Dancer

The Dancer

Amanda Rose is a dynamic and vivacious dancer originally from the US but currently living in Barcelona, Spain. Her technical precision, emotional articulation, and captivating style have started to turn the heads of some of the biggest stars in the business to watch and take notice. Although she's spent little more than a decade focusing on Middle Eastern dance, she is still one of the youngest dancers in the industry. But the depths of her intent will pull the feeling out of your soul, and take you along for the ride...

The Technique

Amanda Rose's background is as an athlete and a natural competitor. Her bellydance journey started in her teens and the rest you might say is history. The beginning of her studies was centered mainly around technical precision and effect. Pushing herself not just to be technically precise enough to move like her teachers, but challenging herself to mimic the movement styles of every instructor she would stand behind. Analyzing the mechanical differences between dancers,  and deducing the proper technical implementation to move like them as well. Her study with Ava Fleming was pivotal in this aspect of her development. Studying with Ava for 3 years, as well as being a member of her Black Opal Dance Company, Amanda Rose was privileged to many opportunities and a teacher that could constantly challenge her thirst for technical advancement and precision.

The Emotion

After time, the obvious need to balance the technical with the emotional became apparent and Amanda Rose set out to deepen her expressive abilities. This challenge took just as long, if not longer to achieve, but every experience and opportunity seemed to crack the mold sightly deeper. Amanda Rose's participation in international competitions was used as a way to push her skills further and draw out more of herself than she was previously able to. When she won Egyptian Bellydancer of the Universe in 2008, just 5 years after she had started to learn to bellydance, Amanda Rose saw this not as a declaration that she had "made it," but the acknowledgement that she was heading in the right direction.

The Culture

While on the path to discover her emotional expression and depth, Amanda Rose began to dive deeper into the Middle Eastern culture and dance roots that are so pivotal yet so often overlooked by many. Her fondness for folkloric dances and Egyptian style was diverged from this period, studying with manyEgyptian master instructors. This exploration dramatically changed how Amanda Rose saw dance and envisioned it. Her time working with master instructors always left her with an insatiable feeling, like someone had tugged on just the right string in her heart. The folkloric roots and basis for bellydance cannot be denied, and through her exploration of folklore she has felt ever more closer to the natural essence of the art form. In efforts to grow her understanding, she has studied with Sahra Saeeda and partaken in her Journey Through Egypt program, as well as studying Arabic language and culture. 

The Outcome

Amanda Rose is quickly gaining recognition on the worldwide scene for her unique and soulful approach to Middle Eastern dance. Combining folkloric training with modern technique, raqs sharki intention with oriental interpretation, Amanda Rose is breaking the mold. As one of the youngest dancers on the scene, Amanda Rose has been described as a prodigy, winning the coveted Bellydancer of the Universe Competition at the age of 21. Since then she has become a multi-award winning artist, teaching workshops around the US and a featured performer in Europe and Asia.


The Highlights

The Highlights

The Highlights

There have been many highlights along the road, and many more to come!



  • Favorite Arizona Oriental/Cabaret Style Dancer 2013 - Arizona MECDA

  • Favorite Arizona Oriental/Cabaret Style Dance Company RSMC 2013 - Arizona MECDA

  • Munique Neith International Ballet Casting - Barcelona, Spain 2013-14

  • Favorite Interpretive Artist 2012 - Arizona MECDA

  • Featured on Project Bellydance Season 2

  • Bellydance Evolution Dark Side of the Crown - Los Angeles 2012

  • Midwest Bellydance Challenge Professional 2008

Instructional & Performance DVDs



  • 'Stars of Bellydance' performance dvd with IAMED 2012

  • 'Melodies of Cairo' performance dvd with Sphinx Records 2011

  • 'The Spirit of Bellydance' performance dvd with Hollywood Music Center

  • 'Rhythm Movement for Dancers' instructional dvd with Souhail Kaspar 2008

  • 'Bellydance 007' and 'Bellydance-O-Rama 2' with Black Opal Dance Company 2006-7

Sharing The Stage

Amanda Rose has had the honor of collaborating or sharing the stage with some of the world's most elite artists in bellydance including; Randa Kamel, Tito Seif, Jillina, Sharon Kihara, Orit Mafstir, Soraya of Cairo, Sadie Marquardt, Mercedes Nieto, Mohamed Kazafy, Munique Neith, Kaeshi Chai, Mohamed Shahin, Sahra Saeeda, Osama Emam, Asi Haskal, Camelia of Cairo, Virginia, Kami Liddle, Aubre Hill, Princess Farhana, Aziza, Ansuya, Karim Nagi, Roxxane Shelby, Fahtiem, Ava Fleming, Lotus Niraja, DaVid of Scandinavia, Silvia Salamanca, Elizabeth Strong, Mira Betz, Kami Liddle, Meera, Bellydance Superstars, Bellydance Evolution and many more.

Workshops Taught Around the World

  • Barcelona, Spain Workshops & Shows - 2016, 2017, 2018

  • Phoenix, AZ Workshops & Show - 2017 - Arizona Reunion

  • Chicago, IL Workshops - 2017 - Arabesque Studios

  • Springfield, MO Workshops & Show - Hosted by Naia 2015

  • San Francisco, CA Workshops - Hosted by Ahava 2015

  • Los Angeles, CA Workshops & Show - Hosted by Cairo Shimmy Quake 2015

  • Los Angeles, CA Workshops - Hosted by Jillina & Evolution Studios 2015

  • Tucson, AZ Workshops - Hosted by Bellydance Tucson 2015

  • Denver, CO Workshops & Show - Hosted by Khadijah & Zaheerah 2015

  • Granada, Spain Workshops & Show - Raks Fantasy 2015

  • Madrid, Spain Workshops & Show – Hosted by Cristina Gadea 2014

  • Mexico City, Mexico Workshops & Show – Hosted by Maria Shazadi 2014

  • Bahamas - East Coast Bellydance Cruise – Hosted by Naima Sultana 2014

  • Syracuse, New York Workshops & Show – Hosted by Ionah 2014

  • Tulsa, Oklahoma Workshops & Show – Hosted in 2014

  • Tucson, AZ Workshops – Hosted by Bellydance Tucson 2014

  • Phoenix, AZ Workshops & Show – Hosted by AZ MECDA 2013

  • Las Vegas, NV Workshops & Show – Hosted by LV MECDA 2013

  • Tucson, AZ Workshops – Hosted by Bellydance Tucson 2013

  • Cincinnati Bellydance Convention - Hosted by Maali Shaker 2012

  • Las Vegas Bellydance Intensive - Hosted by Samira 2012

  • Denver, CO Workshops & Show - Hosted by Khadijah 2012

  • Chicago, IL Workshops & Show - Hosted by Sonya of Arabesque 2012

  • Sevilla, Spain Workshops - Hosted by Elin 2010

Event Production

  • Ranya Renee - Workshops & Show - Aug 15'

  • Kaeshi Chai - Workshops & Show - Dec 14'

  • Jillina & Ozzy - Workshops, Show & Master Class - Apr 14'

  • Zikrayat - Workshops, Competition & Show starring Tito Seif - Oct 13'
    Largest bellydance workshops and show in Arizona history!

  • Sahra Saeeda - Journey Through Egypt Level 1 - Feb 13'

  • Cairo Nights Vol. 2 by Dr. Samy Farag CD Release Party - June 12'

  • Khadijah Workshops - Feb 12'

  • WEI Dance For Change starring Ahava - April 10'

  • WEI Dance For Change - June 08'

Dance Companies


Raqs Sharki Movement Collective

Amanda Rose directed, choreographed & staged RSMC from 2011-2015

Raqs Sharki Movement Collective

Amanda Rose directed, choreographed & staged RSMC from 2011-2015

Raqs Sharki Movement Collective announced Champions of the coveted Bellydance Of the Universe 2015 Group Category


The Raqs Sharki Movement Collective (RSMC) is a dance company based in Phoenix, Arizona, directed and choreographed by Amanda Rose since 2011. The recent 2015 Champions at Bellydancer of the Universe Competition in the group category, RSMC has gained recognition throughout the country for their dynamic stage blocking, insync choreographies, and high quality raqs sharki presentation. The group was conceived out of the desire to set dynamic choreographies on a dedicated group of dancers, creating and upholding an image of quality and artistic integrity on stage and off. Since its conception RSMC has had the privilege of performing for Randa Kamel, Khaled Mahmoud, Aziza, Issam Houshan, Virginia, Asi Haskal, Osama Emam, Nour & Yasser, Mira Betz, Silvia Salamanca, Elizabeth Strong, Jillina, Kaeshi Chai and so many more, as well as having the unique opportunity to perform on stage with the world renowned Tito Seif. 

After four years, the group is 14 members strong with dancers of many different backgrounds. Known for always bringing a high quality, charismatic and in sync performance, RSMC is known throughout Arizona and beyond for their collaboration of many versatile dancers, joining on stage to produce a united, classy, yet sassy presentation. 

Past Performances & Events

RSMC has had the privilege to perform throughout the southwest, and around the country at choice events featuring some of the best bellydancers in the world.
Some past performance highlights include

  • Desert Shakedown 11' RSMC Debut!
  • Plaza Intensive starring Silvia Salamanca & Elizabeth Strong 11'
  • Little Egypt Stars of Spring Los Angeles 12' 
  • Russam al Hassam Concert 12' 
  • Las Vegas Bellydance Intensive 12' 
  • Sadie Marquardt in Tucson 12' 
  • Arab American Festival 12' 
  • American Lebanese Festival 12' 
  • Club Bellydance Bellydance Superstars 13' 
  • Little Egypt Stars of Spring Los Angeles 13' 
  • Plaza Intensive starring Mira Betz 13'
  • Las Vegas Bellydance Intensive Friday Night Pro Show 13' 
  • Zikrayat with Egyptian Master Tito Seif 13'
  • An Evening of Dance with Jillina & Ozzy 14'
  • RAKSTAR in Miami 14'
  • An Evening of Dance starring Kaeshi Chai 14'
  • Champions at Bellydancer Of The Universe 15'