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BellyLab Phoenix offers an opportunity to work closely with Amanda Rose through a long-distance training project that utilizes online classes, video submissions with personal feedback, one-on-one coaching, and in-person rehearsals to realize a group choreography performance at Phoenix Rising Dance Festival in Phoenix, Arizona in November 2019. BellyLab participants will learn a dynamic, fresh and passionate choreography with Amanda Rose through a series of classes styled in the same format as Amanda Rose Online series. Each class will include a warm-up, basic technique, advanced technique, elaborate choreography breakdown and a choreography run with music. Participants will be required to submit videos of themselves performing each choreography section in accordance with the BellyLab Phoenix schedule which moves slowly through the choreography in order for each dancer to maximize their retention and understanding. Each participant in the BellyLab Phoenix project will also have 1 hour of private coaching with Amanda Rose to work on choreography, technique and goals. BellyLab Phoenix is much more than a performance opportunity, it’s a training program that allows dancers to work directly with Amanda Rose over 2 months as they challenge themselves with professional level Oriental material. There will be a heavy focus on body and facial expression, emotional connection, and stage presence. Much of the work and training will happen long-distance online, but the two days spent in group rehearsal in Phoenix will present the additional challenge of adaptation, collaboration, retention, and group unity in order to present the final work in the Phoenix Rising Gala Show. Dancers who wish to participate in BellyLab Phoenix must audition following the process detailed below.

BellyLab Phoenix - Details

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  • Project Focus: Classic Oriental - Classic Egyptian Song with Modern & Classic Oriental Stylings

  • Project Type: Online & In-Person

  • Where: Phoenix, Arizona (In person rehearsals and performance)

  • When:

    • Online - Sept 6th -Nov 8th

    • In Person - Nov 7-8

    • Performance - Nov 8th, Phoenix Rising Dance Festival Gala Show

  • Cast Size: Space is very limited, a maximum of 6 dancers will be selected for this project.

  • Cost: $300

Goals & Objectives

  • The goals of this project and the focus of the classes and performance will be:

    • To deepen each dancers understanding of how to compose choreography to classical Oriental music.

    • To develop stage presentation, expression, connexion and emotive skills.

    • Improve upon technical ability.

    • Team work, collaboration and unity.

    • FUN!

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Phoenix Rising Dance Festival

This project will culminate in a performance in the Phoenix Rising Dance Festival Pro Gala Show. BellyLab Phoenix cast are required to partake in a minimum of 3 workshops at this event in order to be elegible to perform.

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BellyLab Phoenix - Participant Requirements

In order to participate you must meet the following criteria:

  • Dance Level: Advanced, Semi Pro, Pro

  • Register for a minimum of 3 Phoenix Rising Dance Festival Workshops.

  • Be available for all in-person rehearsals in Phoenix, AZ on Thursday Nov 7th and Friday November 8th.

  • Purchase Required Costuming (Cost will be between $100-$200)

  • Follow BellyLab Phoenix Training Schedule (This schedule will indicate dates by which sections of the choreography must be learned, videos must be submitted and private coaching sessions must also be completed.)

  • Payment for BellyLab Phoenix must be completed prior to start date. (Payment Plan Available)

  • In order to participate in BellyLab Phoenix you must meet ALL requirements listed above and any requirement not met will cause the participant to be dropped from the project with no refund issued.

Audition Process

The audition process for BellyLab Phoenix is as follows:

Please give a short description of your dance experience and considered level.
Please provide links to your website, Facebook page, Facebook Profile, Instagram Profile or any that a apply. Do not worry if you don't have all of these.
Please make sure this video is from within the last year, is in Oriental/Cabaret/Egyptian style. Does not need to be a public video or professional show.
Terms of Agreement *
I understand that I am required to appropriately fill out this form to the best of my knowledge. That I will have 7 days, once receiving the audition class materials, to then submit the audition video to I understand that I am not guaranteed a place in BellyLab Phoenix and that should I not meet the requirements I will be dropped from the project with no refund issued.
  • AUDITION FORM - Fill out Audition Form completely filling in the appropriate sections with youtube links and necessary information, any forms that are not fully fill out including videos and links will not be accepted.

  • SUBMIT PAYMENT - Submit Registration Payment of $15 through PayPal button provided. No refunds of any kind!

  • TAKE AUDITION CLASS & SUBMIT VIDEO - Once you have submitted both the Audition Form & Payment you will receive access to an Amanda Rose Online class link. Please take the class and study the material for up to 1 week. Then submit a video of yourself performing the combination to This video does not require a costume, hair or makeup.

  • CAST ANNOUNCEMENT - The announcement for the cast of BellyLab Phoenix will be on August 31st. All dancers who audition will receive written feedback for their video submissions even if not selected for this BellyLab project.

BellyLab Audition Fee $15


If you have any questions, you can contact Amanda Rose directly here!