May 15th - June 19th

This brand new Amanda Rose Online series, Tarab will focus on the emotional connection, expression and interpretation of the music. Short choreography and combinations will be used, but the emphasis will be on each student finding comfort, their own connection and voice. The purpose of this series is to open up to more emotional expression, relaxation within the music, find a larger range of expression, as well as exploring a unique and individual connection to the music. Each class is prerecorded, not live, and will include a warm up, brief technique section(s), choreography or combinations to provide physical structure, lead follow exercises, exercises guided by movement, by voice only, and exercises for students to explore by themselves. Video examples, links to articles will also be provided to help foster a stronger comprehension of topic. Personal Feedback is available for this series! 

If you would like direct and detailed feedback from Amanda Rose on your application of class the material, the Personal Feedback option is available for all 5 weeks of this series! Each week, the email detailing the new class information will give instructions for Personal Feedback, explaining what the student should video and submit. It can range from a combination used in the series, to improvisation to music used in class, etc. The personal feedback option has become a highly popular option with Amanda Rose Online, allowing students to get the most out of their long distance online study! 

This feedback will entail technique critique specifically towards the technique used in the combinations, general technique suggestions, evaluation of strengths and weakness, posture, application, timing, drills and ideas for skill development! This tool is extremely valuable, not only do you get the class, basic and advanced technique, combination application and breakdown, you also will get direct feedback on your own performance of the choreography/combination, an invaluable aspect many online classes don't offer!


This series is 5 weeks long, and will offer one new class every week for a total of 5 classes. The lessons will be made available for 1 week, giving you the opportunity to study a lesson all at once, in parts, at any time during the week, or even every day.

Classes will be released each Tuesday, starting May 15th to June 19th when the last class will be closed. All necessary information, videos, links, music, etc. will be accessible on the AmandaRoseDance.com website, in the respective 'Tarab' lesson pages.

Each lesson stays available for one week, which allows you to return to the material for reference, clarification, to repeat the drills or take the entire lesson over again. When the next week's lesson is released, the previous lesson will be closed and no longer available. Each lesson will last a duration between 50 mins to an hour and 15 mins, depending on the technique and theory of that week. This is the full time on video and with non video exercises without repetition, but should you wish to repeat the material for additional drill time you are more than welcome to do so at your leisure and have access to the material for an entire week. 

One of the main reasons that the classes close after a week is to keep people accountable and engaged. Many times when you feel like you can go back to something at any time, you don't actually make the effort to go back and then you never do. Giving a one week limit to each class pushes people to participate and use the material, thus keeping them engaged and taking advantage of the program. There do tend to be "Bonus Weeks" or "Surprise Weeks" where the previous classes will be opened back up for review giving you a second chance at information you may want to go over or had potentially missed. If you think about that in a standard live class you only get access to the class & teacher in that very moment, and then once it's over it's gone. This format gives you unlimited access for a week, allowing you tons of flexibility with schedule and the option to retake the classes at any point letting soak up as much as possible. In addition you always have direct access to Amanda Rose through the private Tarab Facebook Group, FB messenger and email for questions and comments throughout the series to address your needs. 

If you are participating in the Personal Feedback aspect of this series you will be asked to submit your video to Amanda Rose by midnight on Monday, the last day of the week the class is open. On Tuesday the new class will be opened, the old class will be closed, and Amanda Rose will return all personal feedback on that day.  

The "Tarab" series will have a designated Facebook group for the duration of the course allowing participants to interact, ask questions and work through the material together. Amanda Rose will accessible through this group, as well a through email, for clarification or any questions you might have along the way. Additionally, during the course of the intensive Private Lessons with Amanda Rose will available at a discounted rate for course participants!


- There are 5 weeks of classes including in-depth instruction focused on Tarab
aided by short choreo and combinations.
- A deep focus on the emotive qualities and individual connection to music. 
- Class/Video time ranging from 50 mins to 1 hour and 15 mins per each lesson.
- Opportunity for additional training with material by having access to the videos for 1 full week, allowing you to take the class as many times as you wish within that time.
- Optional Personal Feedback!
- Intermediate to advanced level material to inspire your
own combinations and incorporate into your own choreographies. 
- Technique breakdown and explanation.
- Technique drills to develop the skills necessary for a high
level execution of the movements. 
- Training in your own time and convenience,
access to each lesson for 1 week allowing for repeat usage.  
- Interactive Facebook group to ask questions and engage
with other course participants and Amanda Rose.
- Returning Amanda Rose Online students receive first notice to sign up for classes, prizes, and special discounts!
- Reduced price Private Lessons with Amanda Rose during
the online course, available for only $50 an hour! See Private Lessons for more info!


As an instructor my goal is to expand the mind of each of my students, to challenge them with technique that will set them free and teach them skills to allow their own artistic dreams come to fruition. It is never my goal to create dancers that look or dance like me, but to help each student and artist accomplish their own goals by giving them tools that will make the path to their own artistic expression more tangible. I appreciate all styles within the Middle Eastern dance genre, as well as other dance forms, and my desire is to help people express themselves how they wish to be seen regardless of style. I am a firm believer in understanding the roots and origin of movement styles, especially those based in culture and society, and then building your own expression with artistic integrity based in knowledge and thoughtful approach.  


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  3. Once you have completed 1 & 2, please fill out and return the following Amanda Rose Online Consent form before the start date of the session, if you're currently an Amanda Rose Online Alumni you will not need to fill this out again, but as a new student it is required and you will not be able to start class without! Click here to fill out the Amanda Rose Online Consent form. Without this form, you will not be permitted to start the session. 
  4. If any of these steps are missing, the participant will not be allowed to start the series.


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