Technique Tune Ups

Welcome to Technique Tune Ups, a new ongoing online workshop series with Amanda Rose Online. These short 1.5 hour workshops will focus on a select topic specifically related to technique within Oriental dance. Meant as a deep dive, it will be filled with exercises, tips, drilling and training, in order to elaborate and deepen information on the subject.


The workshop must be purchased during Sale Time, which will be for one week. Once the sale finishes, each participant will receive an email with information on how to access the workshop. Each Technique Tune Ups workshop will run for 1 month, giving the students unlimited access to the material during that month only.


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(Purchase Dates are Sept 26th through Oct 2nd Only!)
October 3rd - November 3rd

Abdominal Control Clinic is a workshop focuses on creating more connection with your abdominal muscles for greater control, movement quality and dexterity throughout the core. Many dancers really struggle trying to access their abdominal muscles, are not clear on which muscles pertain to which movements, and where to focus their attention. In this workshop we’ll play around with exercises and drills that help us discover those muscles, exercises to train their engagement, and then apply them to movement vocabulary. If you struggle to find those loser abs, if you need drills for abdominal control, if you want more information about the mechanics of abdominal muscles within bellydance vocabulary, this workshop is for you!

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Abdominal Control Clinic


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