Online Private Lessons

Want to study with Amanda Rose but you find yourself in another city, state or country? No problem! Amanda Rose offers in depth online private lessons using skype or other formats to get you the training you want, regardless of distance. Get world class training no matter where you are!

Structure & Content

These lessons can be structured exactly the same as in person private lessons, allowing the student to choose what they would like to learn, and how they would like to approach the lesson. Amanda Rose can help with choreography, technique, stylization, musicality, improvisation, props and much more. Private lessons are preferable for occasional training, or every so often support. Should you need more consistent support and coaching you might consider long term coaching/mentoring. If there is a specific goal in mind for the dancer such as a competition, gala show performance, dancer development, etc., long term coaching/mentoring is preferable as this allows for many additional aspects of coaching and support for the dancer. Should this be your interest please check out the Coaching/Mentoring page here. 

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Cost & Availability 

Private Lessons

Single private lessons can be purchased for the rate of $75 an hour. Discounted rates apply for those who wish to purchase packages of 5 or 10 in advance. Payment should be sent at the time of scheduling the lesson to using Paypal or use the Paypal button to the side of this text. 

Amanda Rose is available throughout the week and on weekends while not traveling, but availability varies week to week. Please schedule your private in advance to secure your time. Should you need to reschedule your private lesson, please give 24 hours notice. Should notice not be given, Amanda Rose reserves the right to retain payment for late cancellation. 


Amanda Rose has worked with dancers from around the country and around the world. Hear what they have to say about her instruction and what value she can offer you and your dance! Click here to go to the Testimonial page!

Inquire About Private Lessons

Ready to schedule your private lessons??? Please fill out the Online Private Lesson Registration Form with your private lesson inquiry and needs so that Amanda Rose can be as prepared as possible for your first lesson! This form goes directly to Amanda Rose and is the fast way to contacting her and scheduling your lessons! Please fill out the form to the best of your ability as this will make your private lesson go smoother and be more productive. Click here to fill out the registration form!

Amanda Rose will connect with you shortly after receiving your registration form and a platform

(skype, facebook video, google hangouts, etc.) for your private lesson will be selected based.